"Fides servanda est" - good faith is to be preserved.

Cultural mediation

The association mediation.online o. z. z. within the public initiative "KLUB FIDES" has the aim of bringing communities closer by bringing understanding of cultural differences, uniqueness and distinctiveness of individual communities.


It is a platform to help adapt to new living conditions. Different communities in Slovakia face a range of problems, especially with employment, accommodation, healthcare, education. It is our endeavour to help them through qualified professionals and volunteers, but also by organising various cultural, professional and educational activities.


Cooperation is based on trust and good faith, as expressed by the Latin formula Fides in the club's name. In interpersonal relationships, good faith (Lat. bona fides) is the sincere intention to be just, open and honest, regardless of the outcome of the interaction.


In 2023, the "KLUB Fides" project is being implemented with the support of the Centre for Philanthropy and the TIPSPORT Foundation.
  • Communication
  • Convergence
  • Trust
  • Understanding

Who is helping us?

Our Partners

The project can only be implemented with the personal and material support of our partners.
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Principal Project Administrator


JUDr. Elena Zenkovich, CSc.



Faculty of Law, Comenius University in Bratislava - Mgr., JUDr.

Moscow State Law Academy - CSc.

Saint Petersburg University of Economics and Finance

Leningrad Gertsen State Pedagogical Institute


Comenius University Centre for Continuing Education - mediator certificate

Work experience

University of International and Public Relations Prague (Bratislava) - lecturer

Trade Union Association of Registrars, Transfer Agents and Depositaries/PARTAD (Moscow) - Vice-Chairman

BARENTS GROUP LLC - consultant

National Bank, Securities and Investment Market Department (St. Petersburg) - Senior Economist

Method of conducting the mediation

Facilitative mediation style, with the aim of facilitating communication between the disputants, with a possible transition to evaluation (assessment, translation of dispute resolution proposals) in appropriate cases. All this only on the condition of maintaining impartiality and independence, mutual consent of the parties to the dispute and professional competence in the field.




Types of disputes

Civil disputes

Labour disputes

Family disputes

Commercial disputes

Price list

Call for mediation 59 €

Consultation and advice 39 €/hour.

Mediation audit 69 €/hour

Mediation 59 €/hour.

Mediator + specialist 89 €/hour

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