JUDr. Martin Biskupič



Faculty of Law, University of Trnava - JUDr.

Faculty of Law, Comenius University - Mgr.


Comenius University Centre for Continuing Education - mediator certificate

Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic - certificate for the performance of the activity of collective dispute mediator

Edith Stein Academy of Humanities and Intercultural Studies, n.o. - LECTURER certificate

Work experience

Implementation Agency of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic - expert (implementation of Act No. 215/2021 Coll. on support during short-time working)

Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic - legal expert - assistance to victims of crime

Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency - Head of Legal Department

Slovak Trade Inspection Authority - Inspector/Methodologist

Method of conducting the mediation

Facilitative mediation style, with the aim of facilitating communication between the disputants, with a possible transition to evaluation (assessment, translation of dispute resolution proposals) in appropriate cases. All this only on the condition of maintaining impartiality and independence, mutual consent of the parties to the dispute and professional competence in the field.




Types of disputes

Civil disputes

Labour disputes

Family disputes

Commercial disputes

Collective bargaining disputes

Price list

Free assessment of the dispute by a mediator

Call for mediation 90€

Consultation and advice 80 €/hour.

Mediation audit 80 €/hour

Civil litigation 50 € - 90 €/hour.

Commercial disputes 160 € - 260 €/hour.

Collective bargaining 160 € - 260 €/hour

Special agreement in justified situations

Other services:

Mediation training - agreement

Expert advice - agreement

Participation in negotiations - agreement

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